A lot of Directors in the UK are unhappy in their work. Gallup’s 2017 research into UK ‘employee engagement’ showed that a staggering 92% are ‘not actively engaged’ in their work – they don’t really give a monkey’s.

When people feel like this in their work, they leave. Or even worse, they stay.

Directors and Board Members are not immune to this malaise. But the effect on the businesses they are responsible for can be catastrophic.

Many businesses achieve only a fraction of their potential because they are in fact only being driven forward by one or two motivated people – the other members of the senior team are just cruising and collecting a heavy paycheque.

It’s not just the salary cost of these hangers-on that’s damaging. They hold the business back or even drag it down.  An unmotivated, unhappy or even possibly destructive Director has a huge negative impact on their entire team and across the business.

What makes Visionaries (CEO) or Investors hold onto those people?

Change is necessary for progress and growth.  But flipping the switch on changes that could threaten the existing stability can be petrifying.  And what if the next person in that role is even worse?

Typical recruitment processes have a lot to answer for in this situation. When you first hire someone, it is the one time when meticulous due-diligence is a must. Why is it that a company may spend months checking out options when it comes to key IT systems, but will often hire an IT Director to implement and run the system, based on just a quick review of the candidate’s CV and an hour-long interview (when everyone puts up their self-promoting façade)?

If a new senior hire doesn’t truly ‘get’ what you need to achieve, and genuinely ‘want’ to achieve it – then all the ‘talent’ they have on their CV is wasted and worthless (or even destructive).

The recruitment industry typically touts ‘talent’ as the panacea for all needs, but only because ‘talent’ is easy to find. Finding the best ‘inspired talent’ is much harder.

‘Inspired talent’ is the spark that ignites growth and progress in your business, do you want some?

The good news is, you don’t need to settle for the stability of cruisers, disruptors or ivory-tower types on your Board or Senior Management Team.

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