There’s a secret to hiring for business growth…

But you won’t find it embedded in typical executive search processes. Most big headhunting firms aren’t even aware of it. That’s why nearly half of executive recruitment attempts typically end in failure.

In The Capability Crisis, Oliver Parker lifts the lid on his ‘Hiring for Growth’ approach to executive search.

If you’re a Founder looking to recruit the right executive for your business needs, you’re in luck. Oliver offers you the keys to success by sketching out, step-by-step, his winning approach, honed over nearly two decades.

...and with 97% success rate, the results speak for themselves.

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The real reason previous failed hires didn’t work out
How to avoid the cost of future failures
The strategies for recruitment that drive sustained business growth
The Capability Crisis book.

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“Oliver drills into the most important aspects of recruitment.”

Rick Keith, CEO
Fourth Floor Creative

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