Project To Hire Sales Director

“I would definitely recommend Capability Consulting. Oliver's ability to do the job was absolutely outstanding. His methods and his style are really something that, from my experience, I haven't seen in the recruitment industry.

He was really interested in understanding our DNA as a business, understanding why we were trying to recruit and getting really into the nitty-gritty of what we're about, the journey we've been on, and what this leadership role was going to help us achieve in the future.  So he spent time at different levels of the organisation to really make sure he understood the culture, he understood the problems we had as a business at different levels, and feed that into the process of looking for a candidate.”

Tom Wood, Managing Director
Rawlings of Bristol
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Project To Hire COO

“The most valuable bit of working with Oliver is the time he takes to understand your business.  Was the investment worth it? Yeah, absolutely, because he found the right person, the person who can drive our business forward and is the perfect match for us. The outcome was to find the right COO to take us on as a business and to free me up to work on other things and Capability Consulting totally over-delivered on that objective.

Rich Keith, CEO
Fourth Floor Creative
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“In a sea of average Oliver is the real deal. When it comes to the most crucial hires of your business life he is the one who will make the right person magically appear. This is because he has this awesome blend of client relationship understanding, commercial acumen and incredible search skills. With a network to make you weep, Oliver is your go to man when you need to take your business to the next level with the right people.”

Helen Pritchard, MD/Founder
Blue Sky Digital Marketing
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“GBB has worked with many recruitment agencies for over 20 years and I would say without any hesitation that Oliver trumps them all. I would even go as far as stating that he is more of a coach and business fixer than just a recruitment specialist. Once you have tried Oliver's work, I think you will find out what a pleasure it can be in business planning and hiring new talent to deliver the plan.”

Matthew Lamprell, Founder & Owner
GBB Group (Gioteck)
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“Quite simply, Oliver found us the perfect candidate. Somebody who has had an instant impact, boosting turnover by 50% within two months.”

Luke House, Managing Director
Shield Environmental Services
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