The Hiring for Growth Handbook.The Hiring for Growth Handbook.

A Founder’s role is all about vision. But once you get the first steps of your vision moving, your time can easily be burnt up by daily firefighting.

Recruiting the right operational leader can liberate you and your business.

...but the stakes are high. You need to guarantee you’ll find someone who aligns with your values and business goals. So how do you find the right person?

The answer is ‘Hiring for Growth’ – a bespoke approach to executive search which produces unparalleled results.

If you’re a Founder looking to recruit the right executive for your business needs, you’re in luck.

In this FREE Guide, Oliver Parker lifts the lid on his ‘Hiring for Growth’ approach to executive recruitment, sketching out, step-by-step, his winning approach, honed over nearly two decades.

You’ll discover how to:

Define your recruitment goals more clearly
Identify the right leader to deliver your growth plan
Step away from daily operations with confidence
Find time to map the next steps of your growth strategy

...and with >99% success rate, the results speak for themselves.

Take the risk out of recruitment and start Hiring for Growth.

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“Oliver drills into the most important aspects of recruitment.”

Rick Keith, CEO
Fourth Floor Creative

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