What is an Integrator?

Integrator = COO/MD

You created a successful business through sheer willpower, passion and hard work.  But as it grows, running the business is getting more complex.

You are getting dragged into the nitty-gritty of day to day of problems – not what you signed up for.

How do you get out of that chaos and into focusing on growth and achieving your vision?

For many entrepreneurs, the solution is an Integrator.  

'Integrator' is the term coined by Gino Wickman in his book ‘Traction’ and described in detail in his other book 'Rocket Fuel'.

If you're a Founder ready for scale-up and wish to read 'Traction', please email oliver@capability.consulting with your name and postal address.

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The Integrator is 'Second in Command' to you as the Visionary.  They take the day-to-day running of the business off your hands - leading, managing, and integrating across all business functions.

  • By nature, they are organised, efficient and resilient.
  • GSD - They get sh*t done.  
  • They ensure alignment with company values, purpose and culture.
  • They pull teams together and help them to be accountable.
  • They build the systems, processes, and infrastructure your company needs for efficient scale-up.

Does this sound like a person you need in your business?

How do we find your Integrator?

How do you hire someone who will care as much about outcomes for the business (your baby) as you do, and not just someone whose experience looks good on paper?

This role requires ‘Inspired Talent’.  Without alignment of values, attitudes and sense of purpose, a ‘competent’ person in this role could do more damage than good.  They must be firing their abilities in the right direction and towards clear, shared outcomes.

To achieve that alignment, we guide our search for the right person with our ‘Inspired Talent’ principle:

  • They need to 'get' what you do.
  • They 'want' to do it.
  • They have the 'capacity' to do it.

(Due credit to Gino Wickman here, for describing this principle so much better than we could!)

Then, our two key rules through the search process ensure the right match:

  • 01. No Guesswork - We get to know you, your team, your business, and your market, ‘warts and all’.  Then we do the same with any candidate we think may be strong enough to recommend.  That depth of research allows us to stick to the second rule.
  • 02. No Compromise - “Good enough”, is NOT good enough.  We are only interested in the one, exceptional candidate  who will bring extraordinary value and results to your business. You never need to settle.

Getting this hire right takes time. So we commit the time and attention it deserves. To tailor the hire to meet your desired outcomes, we work with you to create the role profile and understand your business. Once we have that clear understanding, we go out and find your Integrator.

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Your Integrator - Our Promise

Our experience and expertise, guided by the ‘Inspired Talent’ principle and our ‘No Guesswork’ and ‘No Compromise’ rules, gets stronger with every project because we love the work and care about your outcomes.

That’s how we can make this personal promise to our clients:  No Risk.

Our success rate with Integrator placements is >97% since 2004. That’s both parties still feeling they made the right choice, a full year after the appointment.

(Have you ever heard of a recruiter even close to that success rate? Most recruiters don't even know if their candidate is still in place after a year - they are too afraid to ask).

So, we are confident to guarantee every placement for a full 12 months. (Other recruiters typically offer just 12 weeks).

EOS - The Entrepreneurial Operating System®

The Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS) is a simple business operating system that has proven incredibly effective in giving Entrepreneurs and their companies the most sustainable, profitable and enjoyable growth path.

EOS is described in detail by Gino Wickman in his book, ‘Traction’.

If you would like a free copy of ‘Traction’, email oliver@capability.consulting and we will send you one.

Grab a copy of the book

How does Hiring for Growth work?

No guesswork. No compromise. No risk.

The Principle

We find much more than mere ‘Talent’. We search for alignment of purpose, attitude, values, and energy. Those factors drive achievement.

If your new leadership hire doesn’t truly ‘get’ what you need to achieve, and genuinely ‘want’ to achieve it - then all the ‘talent’ they have on their CV is wasted and worthless (or even destructive).

Icon showing Talent + Gets It + Wants It = Your Goals
Leadership team welcoming their new Integrator.

Rule One - No Guesswork

This is what gives you clarity on your objectives and the capabilities needed to achieve them.

Our service gets exceptional results because we don't make assumptions about your business or about the candidates you need, as ‘specialists' typically do.

Each hiring project is meticulously researched from scratch. Each search is tailored to explore the full range of potential candidates and find exactly the outstanding person you need. Your ideal candidate is selected based on their ability to achieve your goals, not on the typical keyword match to their CV. When you meet them, it will be obvious and your hiring decision will be easy.

Rule Two - No Compromise

This is what gives you certainty that you will get the right person and capabilities to best drive your growth plans.

“Good enough”, is not good enough. We don’t settle for second best, and certainly not for merely ‘talented’ or ‘competent’.

We typically filter through hundreds of potential candidates to find the ‘One’ best suited to achieving your goals.

Leadership team welcoming their new Integrator.

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