What is ‘Hiring for Growth’?

‘Hiring for Growth’ is an approach to executive search designed for Founders who need more time to focus on vision and growth strategy.

Scaling your business requires operational and strategic excellence, and at a certain point, you need to delegate.

When you’re making the biggest hiring decision of your business life – hiring the ideal 'Right Hand' (COO/MD/CEO) for your business – you need to get it right first time.

That’s where the Hiring for Growth approach to Executive Search comes to your rescue.

Your recruitment insurance policy

‘Hiring for Growth’ gives you the insurance you need that the talented, ambitious leader who walks through the door will align with your business purpose, goals and values.

We’ll help you find the ideal:

  • Integrator (EOS®)
  • COO
  • MD
  • Visionary (EOS®)
  • CEO
  • CFO
  • Operations Director
  • Sales Director
  • Or the equivalent executive role for your business

With the ‘Hiring for Growth’ approach, you will find the best fit for your business. Guaranteed.

  • 12-month guarantee on placements
  • >97% success rate (since 2004)
    *employer and candidate both feel they made the right choice after 12 months

Start your journey

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The benefits of Hiring for Growth

Our bespoke executive recruitment service has been meticulously developed with one goal in mind: your long-term success. Here are just a handful of the benefits...

Finding a match starts from scratch

To guarantee you the right fit for your unique business needs, we start from scratch, scouring every corner of the market until we find the ideal match. We don’t do guesswork.

Reputation management

As our past clients can attest, we have the integrity, business acumen and respect for confidentiality to act as your executive-level representative in the marketplace.

Making it personal

We research shortlisted candidates as thoroughly as we research your business needs. You can be certain they’re dedicated to realising your vision before they even step through the door.

Focusing on alignment

What fundamentally motivates your prospective candidate? We find out, so you can be sure they align with your needs and values. We don’t do square pegs.

Hiring for Growth

You can find out more about our unique approach to resourcing the right person for your enterprise in our ‘Hiring for Growth’ Handbook. Download for FREE now.

How does it work?

Your Investment

Our fee is based on a percentage of your new hire’s first-year remuneration.

Up to £39,999
£40,000 to £59,999
£60,000 and above

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